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John Keells HIV and AIDS Awareness Campaign

John Keells HIV and AIDS Awareness Campaign

The John Keells Group is committed to combating HIV and AIDS to ensure that its status in Sri Lanka remains ‘low prevalent’. The John Keells HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign focuses on prevention through education and access to correct information. It has a wide scope targeting employees of the John Keells Group, the communities around its business locations, other corporate entities, most at-risk persons (MARPs) and the general public. Currently, the programme continues with its dual objectives of workplace education as well as creating awareness amongst MARPs. As at 31st March 2010, the cumulative total of persons educated under the Campaign since its launch in 2005 is 17,275.


John Keells plays a significant role nationally and in the region in efforts to combat HIV/AIDS. JKH was the principal Sri Lankan corporate sponsor of the 8th ICAAP (International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific) held in Colombo in August 2007. The Foundation has been a member of the Board of the Lanka Business Coalition on HIV & AIDS since its inception and holds its Chairmanship at present. The John Keells HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign received a fillip when it was highlighted in the 'Best Practices by Private Sector in Disease Prevention and Management – South West Asia Region' - a report compiled by the Confederation of Indian Industry and Friends of the Fund South and West Asia (FoSWA) and launched in New Delhi at the Conference on Public Health issues in South West Asia on 11th March 2010.

In 2010/11, the John Keells Group hopes to roll out a comprehensive action plan culminating in the adoption of an HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy across the Group’s businesses, following the success of the pilot carried out in the Group’s leisure industry companies in 2009/10.

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