Life of a JKHMT

By Minoshala Nissanka

In 2018, I graduated from the University of Kelaniya with a degree in marketing management, earning the highest GPA in the Faculty of Commerce and Management. In addition...

Challenging the Challenges

By Udara Cumaratunga

My career journey has been driven by the question “are the challenges, challenging?”. This may seem slightly unusual and...

A Game for Life

By Ashan Peiris

Cricket for me has always been a passion, a training ground for life and most importantly...

My Experience at Voice Sri Lanka

By Prasanna Rupkumar

Listening to church choirs as a child awakened my soul and helped me realize my calling: singing. I started as a Chorister, and over the following decade I had the opportunity to lead, guide, and nurture the youngsters of the Our Lady of Lourdes Choir and the Kingdom Youth Choir...

Experiencing the magic of Maldives

By Veenadhvani Lekamge

My friends always envied me for working at a company like Cinnamon, because they said I would have the best time at hotels, going on endless...

What inspires me as a photographer

By Dananjaya Fernando

My love for photography goes back to the days I was a small kid. I remember taking photos on old film cameras and waiting for days to see the developed pictures.