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A culture of performance, entrenched within a framework of compliance, conformance and sustainable development, underlines our corporate governance philosophy, institutionalised at all levels through a strong set of corporate values, a written code of conduct and proven performance management, and values monitoring systems.

The mandatory requirement of at least a ‘met expectation’ of the Group’s Values in gaining eligibility to participate in recognition schemes further emphasises the importance we attach to individual behaviour. Our Board of Directors, senior management and all employees of the John Keells Group are required to embrace and augment this philosophy in the performance of official duties and in other situations, to uphold our Group’s image and reputation.
Our corporate governance philosophy practiced, is in full compliance with the following:

  • Companies Act No. 7 of 2007
  • Listing rules of the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE)
  • The Code of Best Practice on Corporate Governance as published by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka and the Institute of Chartered Accountants Sri Lanka
  • Recommendations of the UK Corporate Governance Code as practicable in the context of the nature of business and risk profiles.

Where necessary, any deviations as allowed by the relevant rules and regulations have been explained in our Annual Report and our Corporate Governance System document.